Our Reader’s Review: “These were good, You can’t really go wrong with something like this. I didn’t find them to be oily but with that being said the last time I made them I used another recipe that packed a bit more flavor. However, the other recipe I used calls for a ton of crushed red pepper which the kiddos don’t enjoy so I guess what I’m saying is this a fantastic starter recipe. If you like more garlic add it, onion throw it in, into more dill have at it! I give this one 5 stars based on the fact that it’s simple and doesn’t “twist” your arm to add things that do not suit your family for the sake of staying true to the recipe. Great snack, dirt cheap, and easily tailored! Thanks for the tasty submission =) ”

What exactly is all the fuss about? You might wonder. Well, the Cracker Shake is a treat that speaks for itself. It’s something all craker lovers would like, as well as all ranch lovers, because not only does it taste amazing, it has the added plus of a little extra punch in the flavor department.

When we talk about the Cracker Shake, we talk about the flavor, the taste and the delectable yuminess of it all. Lots of people who have tried it are quick to point out how addictive it is, and that they would absolutely try out the recipe again.

It really doesn’t take much to prepare this treat in terms of equipment, ingredients or time. It’s simple to make and you can quickly put it together with ingredients that are found in most kitchens on a normal day. If you don’t have all of them, it’s nothing a quick run to the grocery store won’t fix. So, if you’re a cracker lover with a case of the munchies or just someone who’s as excited about finger food as we are, this is one recipe that you wouldn’t want to let pass you by.

Weight watchers will be interested to know that each 15 serving recipe contains 325.2 calories and 2.8g of protein.


There is no real use of any equipment for the making of the Cracker Shake, and that is one of the things we absolutely love about this treat.
As a matter of fact, all you’ll need – apart from the usual cups, spoons and bowls that eventually find their way to the dishwasher after the preparation of every meal – is:
A big glass jar with a tightly fitted lid (1 gallon glass jar, preferably).


I box of Saltine Crackers
1 cup of Vegetable Oil
2 Tablespoons of Red Pepper Flakes
1/2 Teaspoon of Garlic Salt
1 Package of Dry Ranch Dressing Mix

Now, it should be noted that the above listed are only the amounts of ingredients required to prepare one or two servings of this tasty treat, three at most. To prepare more portions we would have to increase the quantity of each ingredient to be used and vice versa. So, if you’re going for a bigger affair like a get-together, with a lot more mouths to feed, you’re going to have to tweak it a little bit. But don’t worry, you can always consult us in through the comment section of this page and we will gladly assist in any way we can.


The first thing we’ll always advise you to do before you start is to clear out your work area. We’re talking about clean counter tops and a freed up cooking space.

The next step is to carefully lay out all the ingredients; get out that box of saltine crackers, the cup of vegetable oil, two tablespoons of red pepper flakes, half teaspoon of garlic salt, and one package of Dry Ranch Dressing Mix. Set them out neatly and individually. Do not mix them together yet! There is a process, a recipe to be precise and it goes like this:

Mix all ingredients together except crackers.

(Yeah, we know! We told you not to mix it all together, but now we’re telling you to – except, of course for the saltine crackers. You can do the mixing in one of those bowls that inevitably ends up in the dishwasher. Mix manually by hand or with a whisk, or you can go pro with a mechanical mixer. Keep mixing until all the dry ingredients – the red pepper flakes, garlic salt and Dry Ranch Dressing Mix – appear to be equally dispersed in the vegetable oil.

Once that is done, it’s going to sound a little gross but, you can taste it. Just a little bit, in order to get an idea of exactly how spicy or salty it is; so that you can adjust those ingredients according to your taste.)

Open the lid of your glass jar and empty the entire box of saltine crackers inside it.
(I use a gallon glass jar to put mine in)

So put, or carefully arrange, your saltine crackers in your jar.

Then, carefully pour the wet ingredients over the crackers inside the jar …

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