Hello! Without a doubt, asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables; it is a vegetable that we can put whatever we want and combine with many other ingredients, pasta, fish, meats, chicken, salads, soups, in short, with whatever we want.

The proposal of the day is some crunchy and delicious asparagus with cheese. Still, I have put a sweet touch with peanuts powder (peanuts covered with sugar), and they have been incredible.

They are perfect to accompany a meat or fish dish or as a starter to your daily menu.

With these asparagus, I like to serve slices of different pieces of bread, white, baguette, black, seeded, a little bit of everything to prepare a delicious asparagus.

Baked asparagus with cheese

Prep time: 20 mins; Cook time: 20 mins; Total time: 40 mins

Crunchy and excellent tasting asparagus with a sweet touch.


fresh asparagus, preferably thin to make it more tender, thicker ones are usually more fibrous
ground parmesan cheese
peanut powder
shredded mozzarella or Monterrey jack cheese
lemon zest and juice
margarine or melted butter


The peanut powder is made by putting the peanuts in the blender and grinding them until you get a slightly fine powder.

Keep it in a container with a lid, and it will be helpful for this recipe and for adding to salads; it is delicious.

First, you are going to heat the salted water for the asparagus.

Cut off the thick part of the asparagus at the bottom, not the tips.

Once the water is boiling, put the asparagus in and cook them for 8 minutes, this is for thin asparagus; if they are thicker, leave them for approximately 12 minutes.

Drain and arrange them on a plate …

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